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Coffs Law Co. provides legal advice for your life including parenting disputes, property arguments, divorce, wills & children's court matters.





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All links provide information of a general nature and do not replace individual legal advice specific to your life. You should not rely on information of a general nature. If you want legal advice for your life: contact Coffs Law Co. to discuss your individual circumstances.

In Australia, divorce, parenting and financial issues are dealt with separately.   You don’t need to be divorced before your parenting and financial dispute can be resolved.




Family law is notoriously emotional, let’s face it – there is nothing more personal than your kids and the property you worked hard for.  It’s hard to be objective when you are in the thick of it.  Coffs Law Co is here to provide that objectivity.  We tell it to you straight.




Coffs Law Co. do not want you confused about the law and your position.  We want you to understand so you feel empowered to reach resolution on your terms.  We explain the law so you get it.  We explain how it applies to your individual circumstances so you know what you may expect.  We listen to what results you want to achieve then we set out the options you can pursue a

At your first appointment it’s about getting to know you and your family situation.  It’s also about you getting to know us and working out how we can help you.




We’ll need information about your relationship: When it started? When it finally finished?  How many children do you share?  What’s going on now with the kids?   What’s keeping you up at night about this?  Are you coping financially?  Are you frightened?




From our initial discussions we’ll develop a priority list of topics to provide you legal advice on, and if needed we’ll hook you up with support services that can help you emotionally and financially during this period of distress.




If you wish to be assessed for eligibility for Legal Aid NSW funding, bring along your three most recent months of bank statements, your most recent Centrelink Income Statement and if you are working your three most recent payslips.  If you are not eligible for Legal Aid NSW funding, we’ll also discuss the costs that will be involved to provide you legal services for specific circumstances.




Finally, Coffs Law Co. will keep all your conversations with us confidential unless you authorise us otherwise.  Coffs Law Co. is a safe space without judgement, for us to work together to ensure your understanding and empowerment in family law matters.nd the likely outcomes.  This collaboration of information sharing allows us to achieve resolution on your terms in line with the law.

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Coffs Law Co. strives to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours of receipt during business hours.


If you fear for your immediate safety or the safety of another  please dial 000.

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Trading Hours:

9am - 4.30pm Monday - Friday



Coffs Law Co. strives to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours of receipt during business hours.


If you fear for your immediate safety or the safety of another  please dial 000.

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