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Going in to bat for you!

In Australia, divorce, parenting and financial issues are dealt with separately.  You don’t need to be divorced before your parenting and financial dispute can be resolved.


Coffs Law Co. will empower you to resolve your break up with dignity and respect: to obtain you a fair outcome in family law disputes. We focus on your needs. We focus on your kids needs. We listen to you and your side of the story, preparing us to go in to bat for you to resolve your dispute.


Working together we provide information on the law so you understand it. We will provide you the different options available to your individual situation. Listening to you, we ensure you feel present in the process; that you feel heard; and importantly, we go in to bat for you – getting results!


Coffs Harbour Solicitor offering Legal Aid NSW


Coffs Law Co. gives “legal advice for your life”.


We offer a range of different legal services across your lifestyle spectrum, including:-


Individual legal advice for you in family law matters to achieve results in parenting and property arguments.

Supporting parents of children in the Children’s Court of NSW, helping you to understand what is happening and what you can do.

Helping you with legal advice to buy your first home and to understand your loan before you sign.

Working in partnership with you to sell your home and purchase your next property.

Assisting you with end of life planning to ensure your wishes are formalised into the documents you need for financial, health and welfare decisions, as well as your Will for when you do depart.


Care & Protection (DOCS)


We provide legal advice individual to your circumstances and needs.


Wills & Estates

Death is the only certainty in life.  It’s important to prepare for.


Preparation is key to ensure your wishes are honoured. Who do you want looking after your children, or your pets? Who do you want to get Aunty Marjorie’s 1368 Ming Dynasty vase that’s been in the family forever? Who is going to make sure your loved one receive what you want to leave to them? These are the questions we will help you with in drafting your Will to ensure your wishes are enacted when the inevitable happens.


It’s also a fact of life that death often brings out the money hungry family and friends.  If your prepare in advance this can save or at least minimise your preferred loved ones from the distress of scrupulous family and friends. Coffs Law Co can provide you advice on how to ensure such claims can be defeated or minimised when undertaking estate planning.


Appointing an Attorney and a Guardian can make difficult choices easier for you and the rest of your family, particularly when there is a sudden change in circumstance.


An Attorney appointed by you in your Enduring Power of Attorney will be able to make your financial decisions (within the limitations) which is particularly important when you are unable to make these decisions for yourself and the bills keep rolling in.  It is important the person you choose is aware of your financial situation and is able to manage your finances in a manner that will ensure your financial stability.


A Guardian appointed by you in your Appointment of Enduring Guardian will be able to make your health and welfare decisions (within limitations set by you) at times when you are unable to make these decisions for yourself.  It is important that the person you nominate knows clearly what you position is in relation to end of life care treatments to ensure they can assertively progress your health care in line with your wishes.


It helps if everybody in your family know who you have nominated as your Attorney and as your Guardian to contact when circumstances change.


Conveyancing - Buying or Selling Property


It’s an exciting time buying a property, either a house or unit, but it can also be stressful.  For most people it’s the biggest purchase of their lives, you don’t want to get ripped off!  Coffs Law Co. are here to ensure that doesn’t happen.


When you first start looking for a property to buy, Coffs Law Co. recommend you meet with us, so we can explain the purchase process.  We’ll help you know what to do, what reports you ought to get, and how to make “an offer they can’t refuse”.


Once you’ve had your offer accepted we provide you independent legal advice on the contract, explaining it in everyday language so you know what you are getting into.


Coffs Law Co. also provides e-conveyancing through PEXA, where you can follow your purchase process through to settlement on the Settle Me App.


Coffs Law Co. charge a competitive fixed price for legal services to purchase, and you will always be afforded the services of a solicitor throughout your experience.

Selling your home to move along the property ladder can be a period of anticipation and tension.  Before you can list your property for sale, you’ll need a contract drawn up in compliance with the law.  Coffs Law Co. do this efficiently and quickly to get your house on the market as soon as possible.


Working collaboratively with you and your estate agent, Coffs Law Co. will guide you through the process of selling to make it a seamless transaction.  This is particularly so now with electronic conveyancing where you can track your sale through the Settle Me App.


Coffs Law Co. charge a competitive fixed price for legal services to sell your home, and you will always be afforded the services of a solicitor throughout your experience to address any questions you may have.



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